The triple helix contact database acts as a concrete tool to search for possible business partners, cooperation networks, information, publications or projects and much more, all related to the Central Baltic maritime sector. The database includes Central Baltic maritime cluster companies, public and third sector actors, universities and research institutions, projects and related publications. The database aims to serve as a supporting element to increase triple helix cooperation between the maritime clusters of Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

The companies in the database are based on both an acquired list of all Central Baltic companies which have registered the maritime sector as their field of activity and by manual search. Based on the company names on the acquired lists additional information was searched for from each company’s homepage (specific field of business, postal address and homepage address). The companies have been categorised by business field and location to help visitors find what they are searching for.

How to search for information from the database

Maritime companies

The submenus of Maritime Industry, Shipping and Port Operations contain lists of maritime companies from the Central Baltic region e.g. Estonia, Finland and Latvia. You can search through the lists by first choosing a specific field of business.

Once you have chosen a field of business, the companies will appear in alphabetical order. You can narrow down your search by selecting companies from a specific country: Estonia, Finland or Latvia or from a specific town by writing the name of the town in the search field.

By clicking the company name you will be shown further information of the company’s location. The link below the company name will direct you to the company’s homepage.

If your company is missing from our list or you would wish to be removed from the list please contact us.

Public and third sector actors

Maritime public and third sector actors have been categorised under local and regional authorities, national authorities and unions / associations. The link underneath the organisation will direct you to the actor’s homepage. By clicking the name of the organisation you will be able to read a brief description of what the organisation does and also see further location instructions.

You can search for public and third sector actors by country or by town.

If your organisation is missing from our list or you would wish to be removed from the list please contact us.

Projects and Publications

The database also includes a vast list of on-going maritime projects and maritime publications. Each project has been shortly presented and you will be directed to the project homepage by clicking the project title.

The publications are categorised under the following subjects: Competitiveness, Environmental Protection, Environmental Regulation, Maritime Clusters, Maritime Education, Maritime Safety, Maritime Transport and Ports & Terminals. Each publication in the list has been aquired by permission by the publishing party. All the publications include a short description about the content of the publication and you will be able to read the full publication by clicking the title.